English with Emily and Jessica

Effortless Learning

With our method, you don’t feel like you are learning because it’s focused on your interests, in micro sessions and with conversational style.

Online Sessions

All of our sessions utilize a variety of online platforms (Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.). Sessions with our coaching team are short and portable. Take a quick language break during your day – wherever you are!

Speak With Ease

Beyond grammar and function there is the reality of speaking. Languages are meant to be spoken. We can help you move beyond your barriers.

About Us

Emily and Jessica are certified language coaches, culture coaches and well seasoned travelers. With 10 years of experience in business and nearly the same amount of time in language coaching of all ages, they are uniquely qualified, bringing their passion and positivity to every session.  Additionally, Jessica is a B2, emerging C1, Polish language speaker.


English Language Coaching

Emily, Jessica and their partner coaches are prepared to work with all the members of your family – from young to old and in between. Conversational coaching is the fastest way to start and continue speaking.

Are you just starting out or maybe returning to the language? No problem! We have an integrated program with native English and Polish/English coaches so you can wake up your language ability.

Whether you are simply wanting a little language boost or a full program, our coaches are ready to help you meet your goals.

available hours

M-F: 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm (Poland Time Zone)


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+48 538 324 547

Programs and Offers

One to One Online Sessions

Using your interests and language goals, we offer engaging, interesting and effective language development for any level. 

These low stress and highly effective sessions are designed the way native speakers learn the language. No more boredom! 

Writing, Editing and Proofreading

Our coaches are highly trained editors and writers with an eye for detail. Please contact us for any and all writing or editing projects for online or hard copy – including university texts or high-level editing needs.

Examination Preparation

Whether it’s the 8th Grade Exam, the Matura or the IELTS, if you need to prepare for Poland or Foreign Education exams, we can coach you toward your best score! Ask us about our Polish Language partner if you need assistance for that section of the state exams. 

Philosophy and Pedagogy

Learning English doesn’t have to be boring.

It can be quick, effective and interesting.

Our dynamic native speakers use coaching methods and creative programs with personal attention to your needs.


Certified and Qualified

Not simply “native speakers” but experienced, certified and effective language coaches. We also partner with other coaches in the US and Europe to provide you with the right coach for your needs.


Coaches not Teachers

Our approach keeps you moving forward in achieving your language goals. Coaching is a process and a relationship; we adapt as you develop.


Online Micro Sessions

Flexible times and no long lectures. Micro Sessions are the way to maximize language learning.


Science Supported Impactful Education Approach

Applying current neurology and education knowledge, we utilize frequent, dynamic, short sessions designed to maximize the brain’s natural intake levels and prioritization patterns.

Short sessions ensure that you are always focused. Frequent sessions ensure that your brain’s language center remains in an active state.

Interest based sessions utilize well established positive pathways for learning.

Goodness-of-fit matching ensures the right coach for the client at each age and stage.




Language Coaching for All Ages and Stages

Jr. Clients ages 5 - 13

Our Jr. English sessions are 20 minutes (one or two times per week) and, if necessary, will include a mix of Polish and English in a fun and interactive online session. Your child can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop for their sessions, making this the most convenient way to include English into your already busy schedule. We are happy to accept Jr. Clients from the age of 5 and will match your child’s interests to our individualized sessions and to the best coach for your child.

Eighth Grade Exam - Ósmoklasisty

Utilizing successful and proven methods, we will prepare your 8th grade pupil for this essential examination. These sessions are 2 x 30 minutes each week and include interactive and interesting conversations designed to coach your child to their best possible mark. Contact us as well for a Polish Language coach partner recommendation.

Jr. Clients ages 14 - 18

Teenagers need a more open and interesting style of coaching session, and we are happy to accommodate their changing needs. Whether it’s help with homework, a chance to hang out with a native English speaker to talk about current events or explore their interests, or improving their spoken English and exposing them to alternative education methods, our approach gives them the chance to grow. Sessions are generally once or twice a week for 30 minutes. 

Matura Preparation

This exam preparation includes all aspects of the Polish school leaving exam. Your teen will have two sessions of 30 minutes each week along with writing homework and in-depth comprehension exercises. 

IELTS and University Entrance Interviews

In order to attend a foreign university, incoming students are required to submit to exams, interviews and practical exercises. Let us prepare you for this process as well as help with the cultural transition from Poland to abroad. 


From proofreading papers to offering cultural feedback and language development, we are prepared to assist you from Bachelor’s through to PhD. 

Adult and Professional

At various points in your adult life and career, it may be necessary for you to need a coach. Let us assist in your language development, help you prepare for conferences, coach you through job interviews, assist you with your travel and vacation confidence or just maintain your language through weekly conversation. These sessions can be as casual or rigorous as you need. Generally 30 minutes in length and with flexible scheduling, we are certain you will want to make the time for English with us. 

Cultural and Business

Working on a multicultural team? Bringing in foreign partners? Traveling for business? We can expand your understanding of what is necessary in a foreign environment for success. It is valuable to know about cultural differences and be able to operate beyond Poland’s borders. Let us coach you, advise you and expand your horizons.

Client Information and FAQ


PRIVACY NOTICE Last updated February 09, 2022 Thank you for choosing to be part of our community at emilyandjessica.com ("Company," "we," "us," or "our"). We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. If you have any questions or...

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT ARE YOUR CONTRACT TERMS? We do not require a contract for our services.  We offer our services on a month-to-month basis or an “as needed” basis. This provides for the most flexibility as far as scheduling. If you are needing a break for holidays, personal...

Rates and Fees 2022/2023

Rates and Fees 2022/2023 Our “Education Year” begins October 1st and ends on September 30th Our rates are for the full 60 minutes. Junior For pupils 5 years old through to Matura the current rate is PLN 90 for every 60 min. Micro-Sessions are booked in 20 minute or 30...

available hours

M-F: 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm (Poland Time)

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Jessica – English

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Telegram – WhatsApp – Phone

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